Mind focused on success


I wake up in the morning with my goals in mind and excited. Some of my goals are money based to provide for myself and my child. Who is both a blessing and a teacher. Motherhood changed me for the positive.  I’ve been “broke” ever since having a child as a totally single Mom. But as I look back, my habits and money mind set is the same for the most part. That is what needs correction. My mind needs to be refocused towards my ability to acheive success and to beleive I can acheive what others around me have acheived.

One hang up I’m trying to get rid of is a frustration that all those successful people I see are men (they generally can go out and work “24 hours” a day if they want to) & (can focus on side jobs after work-wife takes care of kids); 😜 The women are married with successful high paid husbands or divorced with high child support and a rich ex. I’ve never seen a financially successful single Mom in my meeting people or not any single Moms. Oh I just thought of one single Mom that I persoannly know. That’s one!⭐️ She has always made very good money for the past couple of decades. So now I know I can. I have A lot of catch-up to do.☀️

I need to constantly redirect my mind to get it positive, myself confident and I think I need to try harder and for the long haul.

I am Grateful: I can go out into the world and share myself and get to know others today.