Intro: Where I’m at $

I created this blog to share with the world how a single mom desires to go from rags to riches.

I desire to keep it anonymous just pictures of trees since the saing goes, money does not grow on trees and that I love trees and nature as well as city life.

I hope to gain a community and online friends of encouragement!!! and I hope to encourage others!!!

I am 49 years old and broke $. I Will soon be 50. that H a loan is very disturbing to me. I don’t know know where the decades went.  I see that I have gone round and round same circle (habits) of these decades and still have never owned more than $5000. That’s freaking crazy.

I have grown increased time and maturity reading books like thinking grow rich, the science of getting rich, the edinburgh lectures, the master key system over the last seven years. In that order, after watching The Secret in 2008. Hearing anout it on Ellen Degeneres show. Thank you Ellen for haing Bob Proctor and Joh Asseref on that day!

with this blog I will share the thought process and experiences of my Goal to become financially rich $$$$

My savings account (custodial) is $3. My checking is $89.

I will keep pictures only of trees, nature, other things because I will be sharing my experience and my bank account which is personal information as I anticipate to grow larger keep it private. And I’m a protective Mom.

I represent or I feel for all women who are single moms have been on welfare, food stamps and my own ther advocacy is to encourage people (everyone)  to get off food stamps, welfare and never look back.

I just got off food stamps six months ago by choice and I am very happy. And proud of myself to be what Wallace D. Wattles says paraphrasing: be an upright citizen not having the government carry my weight for me.

After reading these books for 7 years. I need to figure out what has been holding me back and why I have so little in my bank right now.

but I will live in the desired financial life I want in my meditation at all times.


I want to do this on my own make my own money that I earned and I created by myself not depending on the man not depending on the government not depending on charity something that I’ve created/co-created with universal mind.

I have a child under 18 and I want to provide all that is needed and show the way. Kids follow with their parents to whether they realize it or not. So once I’ve become financially rich that will show how it can be done to my child.

SHEDDED Victim Mentality:

One thing I discovered is that my Mom has a victim mentality that I adopted without her ever saying a word to me and without her necessarily or purposely telling me to act  & that way.  I realize that this year. My mom has a victim mentality and I’ve had that my whole life. But I no longer have that I have shed that a year and half ago.

From reading books, it breaks my old mental patterns I had. I feel it is now time to act. Take action and move forward.

Interact with me, encourage me and share your experience. I don’t want to do this alone. Only getting the money myself.