Happy MLK day tmw


Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I’ve always honored Dr. King’s Day and yesterday we went to see the new movie Selma. It’s was a sad and tearful moments. It’s very admirable and courageous what each person did and their determination to keep marching. Dr. king was very brave and an honorable man as well as Corretta.

President Obama winning Presidency is a huge accomplishment & has opened so many doors for young people’s future. It’ll be interesting to see our Presidents over the next couple decades. Who will run and who will win.

During the movie Selma, I wanted to take a picture of them marching so bad. It would be cool to post here, but I never want to disturb anyone during a movie as I appreciate silence during a movie and I didn’t want to disturb the moment. The movie theater was completely silent and you could feel the emotion of pride. Everyone clapped at the end of the movie.


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