Another day going to work as Receptionist


Today I’ll go to work with the same intention of observing.

I am going to study writing under more about writing skills. In hopes to make some sort of a living writing.

as a receptionist in ministry did they tend to not hire temps. Therefore I’m staying at a lower rate for as long as I’m there, The matter what office to go to.

Learning a new skill is a good way i’m thinking, to break out into cycle of being a temp.

Yesterday 1/12/2015: I went to the bank and had $5 in my checking. Still $3 in Savings (Custodial). Today I got paid. Every week I buy food, gas to drive to work, monthly I pay rent.  I live weekly by my paycheck. So obviously I need to focus on acquiring what Rich Dad Poor Dad says: an incoming producing asset.  Whatever that will be for me. I don’t think it will be  real estate for me. But another skills or a purchase of something else I am more interested in. This is a journey for me.  But I feel like at my age of 49 years old.  I’m late, really late and messed up.

But I had a lot of childhood upbringing issues to sort out.  Now being older and wiser about how people think and about myself that I can try to focus more on a new skill.

My thoughts and posts need to be focused on what I want only and my life as I want it to be.

Has anyone out there ever read the book: The Science of Getting Rich? by Wallace D. Wattles. He says live in the imagined life and financial state that you desire as if it is current with Gratitude and Faith.

What I’m thankful for: I’m awake, I can walk talk hear & see.


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Single Mom here and love it. I'm determined and must get rich $ to be able to buy clothes for my family, get my credit score up to "normal", and able to fix my car.